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  • We are here for you and your pets, day and night

  • Already A Client Of One Of Our Advanced Veterinary Specialists? In An Emergency... Bring Your Pet To The Pros! NOW OPEN

  • We Are ALWAYS Here For You! We Don't Take Vacations... Come In Whenever Your Pet Needs Help! WE ARE OPEN EVERYDAY!

  • A Service Created Just For You By YOUR Pet's Specialist's At Advanced Veterinary Specialty Group - Because We Care And We Know What's Best For Your Pet.

AVSG After Hours   Emergency and ICU portal to the specialists of the ADVANCED VETERINARY SPECIALITY GROUP.

We are open 24/7/365


Located at 2965 Edinger Ave to the left of the MetroLink Station.

As your chosen team of veterinary specialists, our priority is to support your pet at any time you believe our care and expertise can help you. We want to be your number one choice for Urgent Care and work closely with your family veterinarian anytime a health concern arises.

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